Hip Pain

Published by: Ted Yan August 21, 2020

The hip is a crucial to our body’s movement. Connecting the legs to the upper body, our hips are the hinge for many of our routine bodily movements. Due to their location and function, the hips are subject to a significant amounts of stress and can be subject to strain and injury. Hip pain is a quite common symptom that can be associated with a variety of conditions such as muscle strain, posture, arthritis, tendonitis and others can affect the hip and cause pain in this joint. The hip joints and alignment can also be affected by the biomechanics of our feet and legs. If the feet are misaligned or the biomechanics of walking or running aren’t correct, the hips can become affected causing hip pain.

A podiatrist can assess the mechanics of your feet and lower legs, to determine whether the feet are contributing to hip pain. In cases where foot function is contributing to hip pain, custom foot orthotics can be an effective treatment by correcting the movement of the feet and relieving pain in the joints.