Case Studies

See how some of the world’s leading brands are benefiting from Bestol’s experience and expertise across advanced materials and manufacturing processes.

No Tie Shoe Lace

Laceez no tie shoe laces made by Bestol


This North American entrepreneur devised and patented an innovative shoelace system that promised quality, convenience and style to an age-old daily routine. 

The client realized the demand for his product and sought out Bestol to help engineer a feasible, cost-effective design and manufacturing method.


Presenting the problem and his own solution concept to Bestol, together we devised a lacing system that utilizes an innovative system of metal aglets as replacement for plastic end-caps, to enable customers to slip on their shoe without having to tie the laces. 

The product would hopefully use less materials and creates a sleeker look when fastened in the shoe. 

Bestol’s engineers worked with our material suppliers to develop the right elasticity for his laces, while in parallel working with diverse material suppliers to arrive at an optimum alloy for the metal aglets that would be flexible, yet not be easily removed off the ends of the laces.

Our prototypes, cost of goods and production plan impressed the inventor, and we quickly moved to order and manufacturing.


Both Bestol and our US customers were pleased with the quality, costs, and speed to market with this new innovation for lacing.  
Today, the product continues to impress and open new retail opportunities in the ever-dynamic footwear accessories market.