Meet Our Team

As proud as we are of our products and service, we believe that our people are what got us here and make us go. People are unquestionably our greatest resource, and our clients recognize this. From engineers to project managers, and from sales personnel all the way to the factory floor, Bestol brings together a diverse, talented and passionate team that delivers innovative foot and shoe care products for our clients around the world.

At Bestol we have a team of 45 Management and admin staff including Sourcing Managers, Production Managers, Engineers & Designers, Quality Control, Project Managers and Research & Development team.

We then have a team of 220 employees at our Dongguan production facility in China and a further 150 team members at our Hanoi based facility in Vietnam.

We believe the key to our continued success, and yours, is highly trained team members, working together, focused on the critical needs of our customers.

Bestol believes our people are our most valuable assets and we will continue to develop our people to drive our business into the future.

Quality & Testing

At Bestol all of our team members are trained to have a quality focused approach. This includes:

  • Incoming materials inspection and testing
  • Statistical in-process auditing
  • AQL standards auditing of each production lot after packaging (SSP Level II)

At Bestol communication is a key pillar of our culture – Between our various teams we ensure that there is a lot of face to face contact and knowledge sharing across disciplines. This allows us to easily identify the most effective processes and methods for each of our clients and also means that our team enjoy working together.

We ensure the development and manufacturing of our products is conducted using non-toxic materials, for the benefit and health of our employees and the environment.

At Bestol, we believe and practice fair labor practices and responsible manufacturing. In addition to our compliance with local Chinese labor laws, we are also compliant with the SEDEX, the ethical and sustainable supply chain initiative.